Monday, June 18, 2012

the perfect lwb...

aka little white blazer.

i've been looking for a perfect blazer since forever. having tried so many brands i know zara fits me best. experimented with bright fuschia colour (which is a size too big and now in the hands of my sis), bought and later returned a more subdued green (nic said it looked like our local political party colour and i couldn't see it in any other way after, damn it!), went to the store many times afterwards just to stalk my size in nice colour (not a good chance here) and finally, finally, fell in love with a classic white (went all the way to united states and first thing i got was the available-everywhere-zara, my sis will laugh her a** off, but that's another story).

it literally goes with everything and i feel so chic wearing it. i love it so much i'm considering changing this blog's name to to the next 50 years with the white blazer and i would just wear it in every single post. which would be easy!


  1. I love all the ways you can wear the white blazer.

    super chic and simple. Zara does fit well.

    cheers and thanks a bunch for visiting me x :)

  2. SO cute! I love it! I wear my white blazer a ton it's so versatile. I love yours and it fits you so well!