Monday, April 30, 2012

breaking the fast...

with a smile.

i used to be an avid bag lover. my methods usually in acquiring those lovelies were not unlike the hawk's, i saw, i loved, i dove and i conquered. sorry, more like i saw, i loved, i saved and hopefully it was still there when i dived and then came the conquering part and squealing with joy.

it's been too long to remember when was the last time i did a big splurge; lack of funds was one reason, lack of love and uniqueness were the others. everything changed more than a year ago when i was still in the starting phase of what to be an over-the-top obsession for blue colour. i saw a royal blue bag that made my heart skipped a beat, but too many uuhms and aahms, by the time i made up my mind, it was nearly impossible to get one. but i still very much loved the design and patiently waited for another colour that would make the same effect to this heart. fast forward 7 months, after numerous harassing calls and emails to some boutiques, a picture sent to me from kirna zabete was screaming pick me, pick me!  and i did.

so after 9 months of deciding, 4 months of pre-ordering, 3 weeks of in-transit and 16,000 kms, it's finally here!

it's not a smooth general consensus though. while my brother subtlely called it a robotic bag, nic said it looked like an alien...

wth, did he even see the movie? on which part of the alien face looked like that. if it did, i wouldn't have childhood nightmares and boy the predators would laugh their ass off.

as for me, i'm gonna call it a smile bag.


  1. Oh my Emilie, you have such excellent taste in everything, in my opinion. That bag is amazing and gorgeous. The colors are beautiful and neutral enough to go with everything. Also, I am in love with your neon belt...must go find one asap. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  2. Tasty handbag and matching shoes Emilie, after you've named it the smile bag, my eyes have become fixated on the round handle like eye stitches and zip liked mouth. :)