Thursday, February 16, 2012

an ounce of brightness...

i love diy.

let me rephrase that, i love looking at others' diy and always take mental notes to self that one day i will do it too. boy, what a long notes that one is. one or two had been ticked off, some are still waiting their turns but most are forgotten or given up.

then a post by a very inspiring diy blogger added another entry to it but this time i did actually dim - did it myself!

loving the neon season! i'm now looking for a pair of blocked heels for the next neon project. i can't believe i just said that, i'm on diy adrenalin.

few tips:

1. keep away from windy area when spraying unless you want to spend the next hour scrubbing your floor -- i dim this too fyi.
2. spray lightly few times rather than one thick coat to get an even colour
3. do not, i repeat, do not touch or poke it until a few good hours of drying no matter how curious you are or how dry you think it looks.


  1. WOW, this looks amazing!!! You def have talent!!! I love DIY, (hence my DIY blog, lol) and this is a winner in my book!! :)

    haha, DIY adrenaline is what runs my life!!!

    love K

  2. Emilie, I am going to do this. Thank you for the great advice, I definitely would have touched it to soon out of curiosity. You paired it so beautifully with! I love it! You look gorgeous, you are gorgeous! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  3. You did such a great job with that necklace! <3 I've been in love with neon myself lately. I recently acquired a neon yellow/green skirt that I can't wait to wear out.

  4. Amazing DIY!
    I really love your blog, keep posting girl!