Sunday, June 5, 2011

the daredevil in me...

even though it said 9 degrees outside today with 50% chance of shower, i was feeling courageous and daredevil. so i wore this high waisted skirt my dearest sister bought me months ago when summer was in mind.

but with tights and coat...cause, you know, i didn't want to get cold.

it's like living on the edge. so exciting!


  1. Emilie I so envy you with being able to wear a coat. I love the cold and only tolerate the summer heat and humidity. I love the layers and tights. The pop of red makes the outfit. You wear clothing so well. You look so chic and pretty. Love seeing you post more, I wish you would join two birds on Monday. They are a bunch of fun ladies. Think about it. K? Lots of love, Dawn xoxo

  2. What a beautiful coat.. love the entire look
    lee x