Sunday, March 6, 2011

a weird sweet summer sunday...

just when i thought we were going to skip the whole autumn and dive straight to winter (boo hoo), these past three days has been so gloriously sunny and warm. scared that it's only a wishful thinking, i quickly whipped out my thongs, the sandals that is, and my summery dress.

off topic...have you ever been in a situation where your right foot hates your left? because i found my left foot bled and there were scratches all over it (took a pic of it but it's so gross you must thank me for not uploading it). then i realized often when i walked the heels of my right sandal kicked its sibling. weird! thank god it's only a sandal, a stiletto will land me in an awkward conversation with my gp. or anyone else for that matter. why is your foot bleeding? um, because i kicked it. 

hmm...i take that back. it's already stupid enough with sandal.

and just because i suck in biology, or the cool term, anatomy, and i also suck in describing things (you know it's that bumpy part of the foot bone on the inner side), i've decided to attach a foot anatomy picture.

i'm pretty sure it's the fibula. or maybe tibia. or talus? doesn't matter. this is so freakin' weird!


  1. Hi Emilie, I am laughing at this post. Have you ever bitten your own finger? I have. I guess I didn't get it out of my mouth fast enough before I bit down on my food. So embarrasing. I have kicked my own foot too. I love your Chanel cute. I am glad you entered my giveaway. Good luck and thank you for all of your sweet words. That dress is adorable too. Lots of love, Dawnxo

  2. I like the the ruffle details on your top Emily..
    Love smily pictures
    lee x

  3. Sweet Emilie...where have you been. Thank you for visiting me and for your lovely comments. I look forward to reading them. Dawnxoxo