Tuesday, February 8, 2011

when all the big kitties came out and played...

now it really is a new year...

last sunday, thousands of people poured on to the little streets of the city's chinatown to see these lions danced in the festive of chinese new year. we spent the day following this black beauty store by store because nic so wanted to touch it for good fortune (superstitious much? even so, don't cha just wanna pat it? no? just us then).

although now a bit deaf from standing too close to the firecrackers all the time (WHAT? CAN YOU SPEAK TO THIS EAR PLEASE?) and am pretty sure we just inhaled enough smokes to intoxicate a small village, it was a really memorable day. 

growing up, i used to be disinterested with these kind of stuff. it was boring and i didn't have a clue what was going on. now, listening to the drums and cymbals and watching them danced made me realize how much i missed home and my family. and equally important how much i now appreciate that the lion dance is a grand tradition, never to be lost in younger generations.

matching the festive mood, by default, i wore red.

burberry red polo shirt, batik scarf, brandless polkadot bag


  1. I love all the photos! Th dragons are so gorgeous- so colourful!

  2. Happy New Year dear! love the photos

    Miss Neira

  3. Lovely post..and your face eating something on a stick...haha. miss you! Dawn