Sunday, February 13, 2011

pain au chocolat and percy jackson...

that pretty much sums up my weekend.

despite i sometimes catch people sneer at me on trams when i'm reading the book. and despite, after exhaustingly trying to locate it in the library to no avail before i went to the information and said i've looked everywhere in adult and young adult fiction only to be told "oh no, dear...because it's located in the junior section". 

JUNIOR? that's like a 5-year-old kid boasting "dude, i'm bigger now, give me something that is all words and no pictures so i look more mature. but make sure it has cool cover". 


still, i powered through, book 2 ha!

not that it's any good despite the reviews. i'm just trying to fill the void that's been left since the harry potter saga (the end of an era, i'll say). so far the percy jackson series has been very pale in comparison. but i'm a stickie.  and a stickie sticks to the end. and i just invented a new word. gosh, i love blogging.

(the pain au chocolat was fine, no boring remarks nor unimportant comments. in fact, i'm not even sure why it's there on the title)

top shop white singlet, gap white cardigan, 7 for all mankind jeans, portmans necklace


  1. Hi are you? I like the word stickie...I get what you mean. You are such a natural beauty...that last photo is so pretty. Did you notice the beautiful door in the background that matches your book cover or did you do that on purpose? Happy V Day...Dawnxo

  2. I absolutely hate it too when you read a book and then you read another and it never lives up too that last one. Totally relate to that. I just finished "Catch me if you can" an oldie but a goodie. The movie was ok but the book is fantastic.


  3. Whoa, for me i read one after the other. So that i could ponder on things and learned or enjoy one book then hop on the next one...

  4. Gun2... loe ngapain aja disana? Kpn blk? Be back quick! We miss you and we need to do a reunion soon! *hugs*

  5. Where o where is my Emilie???? Post soon ok? Thank you for visiting me and all of your encouraging word...miss ur posts!!! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xoxo