Thursday, February 3, 2011

happy new year...

welcoming the year of the rabbit! (i wonder why it isn't called bunny. me thinks bunny is cuter)

yes, that's what nic wore for this day of celebration. a large bunny rabbit tee.

if we were to be at home right now, surrounded by families, the day would start with new year's greetings and wishes, red envelope distribution and then we eat and be merry. then we would host the families coming over and go to other extended families' house and the whole process is repeated again. by 5 pm, we would've met hundreds of people and eaten 5 times. that's 5 times the noodles (to symbolize longevity) and 5 times the nibbles and the peanuts and the cookies and the fruit punch (to symbolize...well...umm, yummy food?) thus whoever says most diet starts tomorrow obviously never have a chinese new year celebration.

but since we're not at home, none of these happened today. and it felt as if the new year didn't happen at all here. lucky i have that large bunny rabbit banner beside me. 
i ended up spending the day learning on how to take pictures. and because i'm the more amateur one (my photography skill is like minus 1 on a rate of 0-10), i practiced with the old crappier camera. which is totally fine by me. at least i don't feel like weightlifting when carrying it.

found a tiger to bid farewell to...

brandless teal top, alannah hill skirt, charles & keith wedges

may the year of rabbit bring you all more success, health, wealth, prosperity, happiness, peace and joy (also few bags and shoes won't hurt)!


  1. First let me say that you look great in every photo I have ever seen of you. I love your skirt and shoes together. Happy New Year to you and your family. My fav. photo is the 3rd one...just so pretty. Dawn XX

  2. Happy Chinese New Year for your and you family. Love the photos..
    Its the gold rabbit year.. YAY
    Lee x

  3. I have to work all weekend and yesterday was a really busy day and night with work...I need a new career...someday. Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy the down time...where do you work emilie?

  4. Nice words! I love your blue jacket/cardigan!!!

    come n see my blog hun