Sunday, January 23, 2011

to the next 50 years part 1...

exactly 365 days ago, nic and i made a vow to be together forever and ever on a beautiful island of bali. 365 days have passed like a blink of an eye. i still remember all the little imperfect things that day,

1. i was so tired the day before i couldn't sleep (yeah, weird. i cannot sleep if i'm too exhausted) and only managed to get half hour of it before i needed to got up and get ready.

that's me sleeping zzz..

2. my wedding gown made my usually shapeless non-existent ass looked like a cow's ass.

3. i hate my bouquet. i specifically asked for all white with a hint of purple round one, but apparently the florist heard it as purple with a hint of white. and pink. and green. and never mind about the shape. and there was a bug on it too!

4. it was a monsoon season and against our instinct, we followed everyone's recommendation to hire a tent. which turned out to be so distracting, expensive and useless.

5. i forgot the boutonniere for nic, groomsmen and family. doh!

6. i wasn't a graceful bride. i walked down the aisle like there was a sale at the end of it. i picked up my train and never let go of it so that i could walk faster, so the gown lost its shape in every pictures. my fringe fell to my forehead making it so messy.

but then again,

1. even though with only half hour sleep, i felt so refreshed and energized the whole day. that's adrenalin kicking. or probably the long island teas.

2. yes, i had a cow's ass, but i love the dress and still felt pretty. i'm okay with a pretty cow.

3. the only flower arrangement that i disliked was the bouquet, everything else was perfect. and i kinda dig the bug! how cool is a wedding bouquet that comes with a bug?

4. the hideous tents were useless, because albeit yesterday's heavy rain, it was gloriously a very fine day. perfect breezy air, perfect for picture taking, perfect to catch the sunset, perfect for outdoor beachside celebration. simply put, a perfect day.

5. nope, there's no bright side re: forgetting the boutonniere, only my stupidity. but on a second thought, i don't think nic's aware of it.

let's keep it that way.

6. my hair was a mess. at the end of the night, my train was practically ruined with dirt and water. i had a very visible scar on my forearm that i didn't bother to cover up. but i was being just me. like i've always been. and that made me happy.

it was and still is the happiest day of my life. the past year hasn't been an easy one for both of us. but every time life dealt a bad card, i'd go through all these pictures again and i was instantly transported back to that day. and everything becomes okay again.

i don't know what's going to happen in the next 365 years. but i know as long as we have each other, we're going to be just fine.

here's to the next (at least) 49 years, bully!

love you much!


  1. You are so beautiful...I love your dress, your hair, and your flowers...amazing. It poured on my wedding day but we have had a great 5 years so far...happy anniversary! Cheers! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes XX

  2. Beautiful dress, everything looks so lovely. Congratulations on your anniversary.
    I have been married 11 years and it was a pretty day.

  3. YAYYYY.. congratulations..
    Those photos are fantastic.. Love your dress..
    Lee x