Thursday, January 13, 2011

Foxy Sexy Skull

I used to hate skull and skull related stuff.  In my mind they were like the epitome of an emo or rocker wannabe (mind you, this was high school). Then Alexander McQueen (may he rest in peace) came along and turned everything upside down. Who knew skull can be that seducingly sexy? (I didn't!).

clockwise: clutch from purseblog, ring from cultstatus, clutch from purseblog, ring from net-a-porter

As much as I want to get my hands on these, I still can't afford justify forking out hundreds of bucks now for a ring let alone thousands of dollar clutch that's probably gonna be use a handful of times a year (my social life is non-existent).  So lo and behold when I found this ring on sale for $2. Ha! Eat that McQ! (Again may he rest in peace). 

Okay, comparing the one above with this is probably comparing Johnny Depp with a chipmunk. But I think the chipmunk is still a cutie.
And just like any other non-adjustable ring, it's too big for me. Afraid my middle finger would be bent forever (because you know it has significant function to express oneself), I creatively stucked it in my belt.

rubi skull ring

I feel like a genius (and no, there's no full body shot because then the skull would look miniscule and then I wouldn't be a genius anymore).


  1. SKULLS are my thang too, LOVE LOVE LOVE em so much!!!


  2. hahah even though this is about skulls I thought this was a cute post! :P think the way it's written lol

  3. You are showing your wild side my dear the belt. I ate that Tortellini soup for 3 days...need a break from it. It was sooo good you like to cook or bake?

  4. I love accessories.. Specially when they have eddy on it.
    The skulls are amazing.
    That AMcQueen clutch is divine
    lee x

  5. Those are so awesome, I particularly love the knuckle ring!

    Im your newest follower, hope youll want to follow me too : )


  6. so true- i like it on the belt!
    im your new follower!!!
    come visit me and follow if you'd like... i leave for my Australia adventure in just 2 days!!!

    xoxo summer