Sunday, July 8, 2012

winter solstice...

winter solstice was here a few weeks ago, which means we are one third into this gloomy cold cold weather. this weekend, for the first time in 3 weeks, the sun was out and about! 

obviously i quickly grabbed something colourful and pretended it was a cool spring.

yes, i wrapped my wrist with the strap from the clutch and voila a leather bracelet! or known as how cheap can i get...

for some reason, i desperately wanted to wear red heels with this outfit but my sexy pair are still thousands miles away from here and the only thing i have right now are converse sneakers.

i say when life throws you red converse, you wear them!

Monday, June 18, 2012

the perfect lwb...

aka little white blazer.

i've been looking for a perfect blazer since forever. having tried so many brands i know zara fits me best. experimented with bright fuschia colour (which is a size too big and now in the hands of my sis), bought and later returned a more subdued green (nic said it looked like our local political party colour and i couldn't see it in any other way after, damn it!), went to the store many times afterwards just to stalk my size in nice colour (not a good chance here) and finally, finally, fell in love with a classic white (went all the way to united states and first thing i got was the available-everywhere-zara, my sis will laugh her a** off, but that's another story).

it literally goes with everything and i feel so chic wearing it. i love it so much i'm considering changing this blog's name to to the next 50 years with the white blazer and i would just wear it in every single post. which would be easy!

Monday, April 30, 2012

breaking the fast...

with a smile.

i used to be an avid bag lover. my methods usually in acquiring those lovelies were not unlike the hawk's, i saw, i loved, i dove and i conquered. sorry, more like i saw, i loved, i saved and hopefully it was still there when i dived and then came the conquering part and squealing with joy.

it's been too long to remember when was the last time i did a big splurge; lack of funds was one reason, lack of love and uniqueness were the others. everything changed more than a year ago when i was still in the starting phase of what to be an over-the-top obsession for blue colour. i saw a royal blue bag that made my heart skipped a beat, but too many uuhms and aahms, by the time i made up my mind, it was nearly impossible to get one. but i still very much loved the design and patiently waited for another colour that would make the same effect to this heart. fast forward 7 months, after numerous harassing calls and emails to some boutiques, a picture sent to me from kirna zabete was screaming pick me, pick me!  and i did.

so after 9 months of deciding, 4 months of pre-ordering, 3 weeks of in-transit and 16,000 kms, it's finally here!

it's not a smooth general consensus though. while my brother subtlely called it a robotic bag, nic said it looked like an alien...

wth, did he even see the movie? on which part of the alien face looked like that. if it did, i wouldn't have childhood nightmares and boy the predators would laugh their ass off.

as for me, i'm gonna call it a smile bag.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

an ounce of brightness...

i love diy.

let me rephrase that, i love looking at others' diy and always take mental notes to self that one day i will do it too. boy, what a long notes that one is. one or two had been ticked off, some are still waiting their turns but most are forgotten or given up.

then a post by a very inspiring diy blogger added another entry to it but this time i did actually dim - did it myself!

loving the neon season! i'm now looking for a pair of blocked heels for the next neon project. i can't believe i just said that, i'm on diy adrenalin.

few tips:

1. keep away from windy area when spraying unless you want to spend the next hour scrubbing your floor -- i dim this too fyi.
2. spray lightly few times rather than one thick coat to get an even colour
3. do not, i repeat, do not touch or poke it until a few good hours of drying no matter how curious you are or how dry you think it looks.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

to the next 50 years part 2...

instead of a typical romantic dinner with candle light and three course dinner, we opted for seafood galore for our second anniversary...

which actually was quite random and messy, but so effing fabulous! just like these past 2 years had been...

Happy anniversary bully! May the next 50 years be equally finger-lickin'-awesome!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

finding new love...

in the past couple of years, i've developed an unhealthy infatuation bordering to crazy obsession towards the colour of blue. to the point where i can probably dress myself head to toe multiple times without repeating items.

thank heavens i lately find myself drawn towards an entirely new and more refreshing colour, yellow. which is, come to think of it, quite terrifying. because at least avatar is cool and smurf is a cute little thing while yellow is, well, i can only think of that infamous sesame street muppets. possibly for the next 2 years. self, embrace yourself!

Monday, October 31, 2011

sequins and yumcha...

because every girl needs a day bling like she needs the endless greasy deep fried dumpling and steam buns...

it's the most exciting piece in my wardrobe now (which tells you a lot on how boring it is).